Reloadable cards work.

Ours work better.

Discover how Level 6’s custom reloadable solutions can skyrocket your revenue while reducing operating costs by 50% or more.

Better Cards

By leveraging the power of Visa® and Mastercard®, our custom debit cards build brand affinity with the ultimate convenience.

Better Technology

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter software. Our custom solutions are built to your exact needs while leveraging the latest in AI.

Better Service

You’ve got better things to do. Save time and money by outsourcing program support to our expert US-based team.

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The Big Question:

Why has no client ever left Level 6 for another reloadable debit card provider?

The Answer:

Level 6 is built differently. We took the best features of a traditional incentive agency, combined those with the enterprise capabilities of a traditional SaaS firm, and then included unlimited customization and enhancements. With Level 6, you’ll get a one-stop shop for everything needed to support a world-class rebate program.

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Level 6Incentive AgenciesSubscription Services
Dedicated Account Manager✔️✔️x
Fully Managed Options✔️✔️x
Enterprise Grade Platform✔️x✔️
Isolated Databases & Servers✔️xx
Complete Software Customization✔️xx
Reward Fulfillment✔️✔️x
Unlimited Reward Options✔️xx
Tax Filing Services✔️✔️x
Agile Enhancements Included✔️xx

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