Introducing Mentor AI™

Many of our clients sell complex products and services via channel partners who require real-time information to help close deals. Mentor AI™ sales assistants will leverage your proprietary data to deliver real-time product coaching.

Through an exclusive partnership with industry pioneers EyeLevel AI, we’re now able to offer the very latest AI technology, all at an unbeatable value.

Total LLM Freedom

Large Language Models are constantly evolving. We can seamlessly swap LLM’s, and even LLM providers, in a matter of minutes, ensuring total flexibility.

Proprietary Ingest

Our proprietary AI solution can import everything from Excel files to PDF’s to audio files, which are then atomized and wrapped in metadata to ensure optimal indexing.

Human Refinement

Our solution allows for subject matter experts to seamlessly evaluate and remediate responses in real-time, both during the QA process and after launch.

How it Works

  • Mentor AI creates a dedicated environment for your sales professionals to learn more about your products.
  • By transforming the learning process from traditional memorization to real-time coaching, channel partners are better able to deliver the ideal solutions in an efficient and thorough manner.
  • Rather than laboriously sifting through catalogs and other sales literature, our AI solution uses salesperson prompts to narrow down the best possible solutions in mere seconds.
  • The system will ingest multiple formats of data to cover every conceivable piece of knowledge about your various products and can even link to current inventory and pricing.
  • Virtual sales assistants will concurrently operate 24/7/365, meaning on-demand access to expert advice is now a reality. Each chat is available for corporate monitoring and remediation, ensuring continuous improvement.