Rebate Programs

Rebate programs have been around for ages. Not only are they effective, but they offer two distinct benefits for companies. First, rebate programs allow brands to preserve premium prices without eroding the value of the product or service. Rather than heavily discounting a product 30%, an equivalent rebate does more to preserve brand equity. Second, rebates can offer a level of breakage that other incentives do not. Breakage refers to unclaimed rebates. While many buyers consider rebates when purchasing,they often fail to follow-through on the rebate application. This can result in breakage of up to 50% depending on several factors.

Today, many companies have made rebate redemption easier than ever. Rather than forcing customers to send in paper receipts and sign forms, rebates are often handled through websites and mobile apps. While it may reduce breakage, this convenience also improves customer satisfaction. Level 6 can help guide companies through the various options with the rebate redemption process.

Our fully-managed rebate programs will make this process as seamless as possible. We can provide you the following full-service options to make your rebate program a success:

  • A custom website with the ability to upload necessary supporting documentation
  • Automatic email confirmation upon receipt of documentation
  • Submission verification
  • Top-notch email and/or phone customer service
  • A variety of rebate payment options, including prepaid rebate debit cards
  • Rebate fulfillment, including postage and mailing services


Reward your customers and their loyalty toward your brand with one of the many reward payment options we offer: custom prepaid debit cards with your logo, virtual debit cards, or checks. Let us know the denomination per rebate, and we’ll do the rest. We can even provide several rebate denominations for multi-tier rebate offers.

Level 6 has mastered rebate programs with our years of experience, so let us share our knowledge and make your program a success.