Virtual Debit Cards

Virtual debit cards are gaining popularity, particularly as online shopping grows each passing year. The technology is evolving, and Level 6 is pleased to offer the latest and greatest incentive options. With almost everything going digital in our daily life, whether we’re shopping online, socializing online via all the social media platforms, to even working online, incentive payments can also be sent digitally to your program recipient via Virtual Debit Cards.

You may be wondering how this option works and how does it benefit your company, your program, and your program user? Aside from the speedy rewards and saving paper, this option has many benefits.

  • Branding: Even though the card is virtual, that doesn’t mean you cannot have your company’s logo on the Virtual Debit Card.
  • Mobile: Recipients can navigate seamlessly between laptops, mobile phones or tablets once the Virtual Debit Card is sent to the recipient via email. It can even be used online or in-store by showing it to the store clerk on a mobile device or by printing it.
  • Language Translation: Portals are translated into 15 languages. The recipient can switch to their preferred language at any time.
  • Customer interactions: There are options for repeat earners or single interactions; we’ll help you pick the right option for your program.

Level 6 has established long-term partnerships with leading financial institutions to help your company deliver your consumer rewards effectively and efficiently. Offering instant rewards is the way to keep your consumer coming back, and Virtual Debit Cards represent the incentive technology of today and of the future.

Type Cost Brand Affinity Company Convenience Customer Convenience
Reloadable Debit Cards Low High Med/High Highest
Prepaid Debit Cards Lowest Medium High High
Virtual Debit Cards Low/Lowest Low High Low/Med
Merchandise and Travel Varies Med/High Medium Varies
Checks Medium Low Medium Low/Med