Prepaid Branded Debit Cards

Offering rewards cards in pre-determined or custom dollar amounts is a great way to incentivize individuals, and this is exactly what we can offer with the Prepaid Branded Debit Card. This custom prepaid debit card can be branded with your logo, and can be used on just about anything – shopping, dining, or even as a gift. No matter if you select this for a salesperson incentive, employee recognition reward, a customer loyalty program, or a rebate program, the recipient will be using these customized prepaid debit cards almost daily. With every transaction, they’ll see your logo and remember how great it was to receive such a valuable reward – and that’ll keep them coming back for more!

The Prepaid Branded Debit Cards can be used for each of the program options Level 6 Incentives offers:

  • Salesperson Incentive: Let your salesperson shop the online rewards center with either points or “cash” they’ve earned and choose between merchandise, travel options, or prepaid cards like Omnicard. You could offer preset amounts like $50, $1,000, or even $5,000 and let them choose based on their total points or you could let them choose a custom dollar amount.
  • Employee Recognition Reward: It’s common that you would order a bulk amount of prepaid cards in the same denomination, $50 for example, and have them shipped to your company to have on hand. When an employee goes above and beyond, you can reward them right away using one of your prepaid branded debit cards.
  • Customer Loyalty Program: Your customer can accumulate points or “cash”, and redeem them on these customized prepaid debit cards. You can determine the dollar amounts or let them create a custom card based on the total points or “cash” they have available.
  • Rebate Program: Prepaid Branded Debit Cards are the most common reward offered for a rebate program. After your customer has made a purchase, we can verify their documentation and mail their rebate in the form of a prepaid card, like a Blackhawk card.
Type Cost Brand Affinity Company Convenience Customer Convenience
Reloadable Debit Cards Low High Med/High Highest
Prepaid Debit Cards Lowest Medium High High
Virtual Debit Cards Low/Lowest Low High Low/Med
Merchandise and Travel Varies Med/High Medium Varies
Checks Medium Low Medium Low/Med