A simple, yet effective reward payment option is a paper check. While many people prefer plastic or electronic (virtual) payments, checks remain popular because of their ease-of-use and familiarity. Additionally, most banks now offer mobile deposit, which has reduced the hassle of receiving this form of payment.

Selecting checks as your program’s payment option requires minimal effort on your end. Once we have your company logo and final check design in place, we can begin printing and mailing rewards. Our detailed tracking makes this process simple for everybody involved. Customers simply receive their check in the mail at their preferred home or work address, or PO Box.

Upon receipt of the custom-branded check, the recipient may take it to the bank or do a mobile deposit. Whichever way they prefer, there’s a reward in their pocket, and they can enjoy spending the cash in any manner they choose.

Type Cost Brand Affinity Company Convenience Customer Convenience
Reloadable Debit Cards Low High Med/High Highest
Prepaid Debit Cards Lowest Medium High High
Virtual Debit Cards Low/Lowest Low High Low/Med
Merchandise and Travel Varies Med/High Medium Varies
Checks Medium Low Medium Low/Med