What is a Channel Activation in 2024? Strategies, Tips & More

Channel Activation

Channel activation is the name of the game this year, and the goal is boosting those partnerships and sales numbers. Let’s talk about the space of launching cool innovations, joining forces for success, and growing together. We’re about to unwrap the big deal about channel activation and its important part in building stronger connections with […]

What Type of Places Can You NOT Use Visa Gift Cards?

A Visa Gift Card

Ever been at the counter, excitedly pulling out a Visa gift card to pay, and then – bummer – you’re told it’s not going to work? It’s more common than you’d think, and it leaves a bunch of us scratching our heads, wondering where these cards are actually good to use. Visa gift cards are supposed to […]

How to Train Your Sales Team on Call Recording Consent Laws

Training a Sales Team Member

Maintaining the rules and keeping great ties with clients all boil down to really getting the hang of communication laws in business. These laws are there to keep people’s personal info private, and sticking to these rules helps protect both you and your clients. You’re both playing by the rules; you’re telling your clients, “I’ve […]

List of 25 Sales Closing Phrases to Help You Close Deals

Closing a Sale

If you ever thought about, “How can I power up my sales methods?” I have the answer for you! Give your sales conversation skills a boost – know how nailing these closing phrases can really improve your technique. Look, this isn’t merely an educational venture – this is about changing how you perceive and technique […]

Sales Rep Interview Questions: Expert Tips & Bonus Advice

Sales Rep Interview Questions

Making sure you pick the right sales rep could really make a difference in your company’s sales growth. Wondering how to make the right choice? The secret lies in building a good interview. Think of it this way: you get the chance to check out their skills and see if they fit in with your business culture […]

Bulk Payment Systems: How to Send ACH Payments in Bulk

Sending ACH Payments in Bulk

ACH payments, those electronic money movements through a big network of banks, are pretty useful. They often pop up when we do everyday money things, like setting up paycheck deposits right into our bank account or paying our bills online. But beyond just normal, day-to-day transactions, these payments have a big role for businesses, too. […]

Bulk Check Payments: How to Send Payments to Many at Once

Bulk Check Payments

Say you run a big company that needs to pay out lots of people regularly. How much easier would it be if you could batch all of those payments into one big job? Imagine not having to write dozens of checks manually every week or every month; sounds good, right? That’s exactly what the beauty […]

The 2024 Sales Playbook: Modern Deal-Closing Techniques

Closing a Deal

Closing sales in 2024 is definitely not a piece of cake, considering the relentless changes and challenges they present. The old-school methods of locking in deals are starting to feel more like ancient history. We can’t deny the fall in the effectiveness of longstanding sales techniques. With the advent of new tech developments and changes […]

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Wellness Programs for Employers

Employee Wellness Program

Here’s your ultimate guide to employee wellness programs, an important part of a boss’s health strategy. It’s not just about helping one employee feel better. Nope, we’re talking about a wide-reaching effect that spreads across your whole company. Want to take a moment to consider this seriously? When did you last see a healthy, engaged […]

What is Sales Force Automation (SFA) and How Does It Work?

Reviewing Sales Data With Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA) has changed the work of sales teams. It reduces everyday tasks and makes sales steps more direct. This helps salespeople by letting them focus on selling, their key job. This writing talks about the worth, the plus points, and the key part SFA plays in up-to-date sales plans. SFA gives sales […]