What Is ACV in Sales? A Comprehensive Guide

Reviewing ACV Data

Sales is a field full of energy that has a strong focus on grasping important terms and figures. A term that shines brightly due to its serious part in growing a business is ACV or Annual Contract Value. The main focus of this guide is to assist you in fully getting what ACV is all […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Calling Scripts (With Examples)

A Salesperson Making a Cold Call

The chill of apprehension as I lifted the receiver, uncertain how it would be received on the other end – that’s cold calling anxiety. That’s what we call “cold calling anxiety,” and trust me, it’s real. I remember my first sales job like it was yesterday. The fear, uncertainty – the scripts! Those neatly crafted […]

10 Must-Have Sales Tracking Apps to Increase Revenue

Using a Sales Tracking App

Selling well really depends on using the right tools. Picture a simple compass on your phone that helps you navigate through the tricky world of selling, giving you clear plans, real-time facts, and tactics to earn more money. That’s what’s so cool about sales tracking apps! These apps are seen as more than just helpers; […]

Rebate Processing: How Does The Rebate Process Work?

Rebate Processing

When it comes to rebate strategies, they all have the same goal: Increase buyer interest Gain stronger consumer loyalty Make more money Rinse and repeat. Rebates are also known as “a premium with purchase.” It’s a reward dangled in front of customers to get them to buy something from you rather than your competition. The […]

7 Reasons Why Customer Retention Is Important for Your Business

Business Customer Retention

It’s probably not the biggest news flash of the day that holding on to your current customers is easier, cheaper, and all-around better for your business than the alternative. The alternative is what’s known as “churn.” Churn is the term used to describe the percentage of customers that stopped using your product or service during […]

Sales Motivation: 8 of The Best Techniques and Why They Work

Motivating a Salesperson

If you Google “sales motivation techniques,” you’ll get about 38,900,000 results in 0.48 seconds flat. Clearly, there’s no lack of opinion in the world about how to best motivate a team of sales members. Some say, “no one truly motivates anyone else.” Motivation is an internal drive that only works on oneself. Others are convinced […]

Incentive Program Best Practices

We’ve gathered a collection of tips and best practices from keeping it fresh to keeping it simple, all designed to help you maximize the ROI of your incentive program.  This information is most helpful after reviewing our other articles regarding incentive and rewards programs on our website: What incentives are The concept of behavior modification […]

How to Pick a Sales Performance Management (SPM) Platform

Using a Sales Performance Platform

Sales performance management (SPM) is more than just a business buzzword. It’s an essential strategy for any sales organization aiming to hit its revenue targets and improve processes consistently. In its simplest form, SPM encompasses the strategies, models, and tools that businesses use to track and manage individual or team performance within the sales department. […]

Sales Enablement vs Sales Operations: Is There a Difference?

A Well-Aligned Sales Team

Have you ever felt like you’re running a relay race, but your teammates aren’t in sync? That’s what it can feel like when sales enablement vs sales operations don’t work hand-in-hand. You’ve got your sales reps – the sprinters ready to dash for that close deal. Then there’s the support team, ensuring smooth baton passes and cheering […]

Why Career Pathing is So Effective at Improving Retention

Organization Career Pathing

Career pathing, also known as career development or career planning, is a structured and strategic approach to charting an individual’s professional journey within an organization. It involves creating a clear roadmap for an employee’s career progression, highlighting the steps, skills, experiences, and goals needed to succeed within the company. Career pathing can also encompass opportunities […]