Incentives, Rebates, Rewards and Economics

Inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk was born unceremoniously in South Africa in 1971. A precocious child, at the age of only 17 he decided to move to Canada and study at Queen’s University. A few years later, he transferred to the University of Pennsylvania with an ambitious dual-study path of economics and physics. Soon after, […]

ROI for Incentive and Rewards Programs

It doesn’t matter what aspect of your business or organization you’re talking about. Whether it’s sales, customer service, product development, or any other aspect of your company, one question takes precedence over all others: What’s the ROI? If you’re a C-level executive or business owner, you want to know exactly how the decisions you’re making […]

Incentive and Rewards Program Training

As the old saying goes: “Good help is hard to find.” But when we say, “good help,” what exactly are we talking about? As it turns out, there are a couple of things that make for an ideal employee or channel partner. First, a good employee or channel partner understands your brand —and identifies with […]

How to Use Incentives in a Compliance and Ethics Program

A Leader Rewarding an Employee

Using incentives in a compliance and ethics program can be controversial, but the truth is they can be a powerful force when used correctly. Utilizing incentives in these programs can help motivate employees to act ethically and legally while preventing misconduct. In order to change behavior and habits, you ultimately have to change recognitions and […]

10 Reasons That Incentive Programs Fail (And What to Do)

A Failing Incentive Program

Implementing an incentive program– whether a salesperson incentive program, an employee recognition program, or a customer loyalty program– can be an excellent tool to help your brand meet its goals. By offering appealing incentives, you can encourage specific behaviors that allow your team and organization to thrive and grow. At the same time, all incentive […]

Incentives and Rewards as Behavior Modification

Incentives are at the core of our economic lives. Consider also that modern day humans are increasingly preoccupied with money, work, and the economy—whether it’s the desire to save money here, earn more money there, make the right purchasing choice, choose the right investment, or whatever else. So it’s easy to see just how important […]

Employee Incentive Rewards Vs. Recognition Awards

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably in some sort of a leadership role at your company or organization. Maybe you’re a small business owner, or a C-level executive. Maybe you’re a department head or a sales manager. Regardless of the specifics, there’s one thing that holds true across the board: Managers, executives, and business […]