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Elevate your employees’ performance.
  • Modify employee behaviors with incentives
  • Tailor made rewards programs for your company’s needs
  • Peace of mind and faster turnaround with turnkey done-for-you services
  • Reorganize, optimize and simplify your current rewards programs to be more efficient and cost-effective

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From powerful reloadable debit cards to custom software, Level 6 can bring efficiency and cost savings to your employee rewards program.

If you’re developing an all-new program, our low minimums mean launching your desired initiative is just a phone call away.

See how our advanced technology and streamlined processes can reduce your management fees by 30% or more.

Popular Program Types.

Every program we create is custom-made and tailored for your company.

No matter your needs… We’ve got you covered!

Salesperson Incentives

Get more of the specific behaviors you desire with custom made incentive programs. Perfect for both payroll and independent sales representatives.

Employee Recognition

While we know it’s worthwhile to hear praises like, “Great job!”, it’s also satisfying to receive something tangible that reminds you of what you accomplished.

Customer Loyalty

Keeping existing customers costs about 5x less than earning new ones. Offering a Customer Loyalty Program shows customers that you care and they matter.

Customer Rebates

Improve customer satisfaction without using discounts and price cuts. Make your rebate program as successful and seamless as possible with our fully managed programs.

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Why Choose Level 6?

Our team of incentive experts collaborates with you to design and develop the ideal employee rewards program. Every facet is customizable, from payment methods to technology to customer service levels.

Here are just a few reasons we stand out and & have a 100% retention rate since 2005!

Unlimited Reward Options

Level 6 offers several proven tools for improving business performance, including:

• Reloadable Debit Cards
• Curated Merchandise
• Bespoke Travel

Fully Custom Software

Don’t settle for basic one-size-fits-all solutions with limited options and co-mingled data.

Our built-to-order solutions offer unlimited customization and uncompromised security.

Solutions for Every Budget

Solutions for Every Budget
Implementing a custom incentive program doesn’t have to break the bank.

At Level 6, we have low payout minimums and customer service levels to fit every budget.

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Client Testimonials.

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Our Process.

Learn how we deliver affordable design-to-specification rewards and incentive programs for small, medium, and enterprise-level companies in five simple steps.

Define Program Goals

Our process begins with identifying your goals. Seasoned experts from our team will guide you in setting the most impactful success metrics.

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Sometimes cash is king, while other times, the latest home pizza oven might be the ideal reward. Together, we’ll determine the best incentives for your audience. We are not restricted by distributor agreements, so you always get the exact incentives you want.

One size does not fit all. Our made-to-order apps provide stability that grows with you. With unlimited ways to customize, your solution will be the perfect fit for your goals.

Whether you want to do it yourself or have us handle everything, Level 6 offers the perfect mix of support for your program. Let us take care of customer service, auditing, and rewards while you concentrate on your business.

When it comes to incentives, you can’t just ‘set it and forget it.’ Best-in-class programs should evolve and improve, requiring ongoing oversight and swift action. We ensure your program keeps getting better by including agile program enhancements for free.

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Sweeten The Pot

How to Leverage Incentives and Rebates
to Drive Loyalty and Increase Profits

by Ben Wieder

  • We wrote the book on incentives…literally!
  • Why incentives are best for behavior modification
  • How to identify the right offers for your audience
  • Which technology is appropriate for your program
  • And so much more!

If you’re considering an employee rewards and incentives program—this book is for you