Mastering The Sales Blitz: 12 Expert Tips and Ideas

If you’ve ever felt frustrated that your sales team isn’t putting in the time and effort to develop prospects into new customers, a well-designed sales blitz is a simple, cost-effective, and, frankly, really fun solution. Even though sales reps are typically tasked with maintaining relationships with existing customers and finding new ones, it isn’t uncommon for them to prioritize keeping their current customers happy and neglect this other, equally important task.

Though a sales blitz is a classic, time-tested strategy, many brands are unaware of this type of short-term campaign and the many benefits it can bring.

At the same time, there are some key components to a successful sales blitz that you’ll want to keep in mind when designing one for your company. Let’s dive in and look at twelve tips and ideas you can use while focusing your entire sales force on achieving one specific goal.

What Is a Sales Blitz?

A sales blitz is a collection of concentrated sales efforts that occur over a short period–whether over a day, week, or month. During this time, your team is actively working to target a specific demographic or slice of the market in order to swiftly turn prospects into customers.

Sales Team Reviewing Sales Blitz Data

By successfully using this type of sales strategy, you can create buzz around your brand and products with your target market, create a sense of urgency among prospective customers, and boost your revenue.

12 Expert Tips and Ideas For Your Next Sales Blitz

While a sales blitz can be a great way to meet your sales goals quickly, proper execution is key to success. Otherwise, you can end up pouring a lot of resources towards the campaign without receiving the results you were hoping for. Let’s look at twelve essential ideas and tips to make sure your next blitz sets a high bar for the whole brand.

1. Get Your Goals Straight

What is it that you’re trying to achieve with your sales blitz? Without a crystal-clear goal, your team is going to struggle to hit the mark. Whether you want to gain new customers, increase revenue, or schedule more demos, zeroing in on your primary purpose is essential to success during a sales blitz.

Defining Sales Blitz Goals

Once you have defined your goals, figuring out the best possible tactics and messaging strategies is going to be a lot more straightforward.

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2. Tune In To Your Target Market

After your goals have been ironed out, the next step is to specifically identify the market you want to target as a part of the blitz.

Identifying a Target Market

There are a number of essential questions you can ask yourself and your team in order to hone in on the demographic you’ll be focusing on during this short-term sales strategy:

  • Are you targeting a specific geographic region? If so, which one?
  • Who is the target market, and what are the characteristics of the specific buyer persona you are tailoring your message to?
  • How does this target market typically prefer to communicate with your brand?
  • What are the specific needs and pain points of this target market?

The more specifically you can customize your messaging to suit your target audience, the more successful your campaign will be. It’s essential to determine how you can best create messaging that will quickly resonate with the people you are trying to target when using such a short-term strategy.

3. Tailor Your Offers and Messaging

The more you know about your target audience and the more fleshed out your buyer personas, the better you’ll be able to offer them messaging and deals that appeal to them. As a part of creating your messaging, content, and offers, two very important elements need to be present:

  • Your messaging needs to be straightforward, concise, and clear
  • Your offers need to be time-bound and highly compelling

It’s common for sales teams to work closely with the marketing department during a sales blitz, and one key feature will be the creation of a dedicated landing page for prospects. This is a place where they can learn more about what you’re offering and let them RSVP if applicable.

A Team Tailoring Offers and Messaging

Furthermore, as the sales blitz gets closer, you’ll want to spread the word, releasing scheduled content that will help get your target market excited about what you’re offering. This can include everything from social media posts and paid ads to customer testimonials and sales pitch decks.

4. Work Closely With Your Marketing Team

No matter how well-designed your sales blitz is, it’s going to fall short if your target audience isn’t aware of the compelling offers you’re making. On the other hand, it’s equally, if not even more, destructive to your ability to reach your goals if the messaging sent out by your marketing team doesn’t align with the offers your sales team proposed.

Sales and Marketing Teams Working Together

Consistency is key when you want to use a sales blitz to reach certain goals. Marketing and sales need to be walking in step with one another, never sending out false information, promising more than can be delivered, or stepping beyond the boundaries of the brand’s goals. In order to make sure that the execution of your sales blitz is as smooth as possible, ensure that your marketing team has all of the resources and tools they need and clear style guides they can use when designing content and messaging.

5. Give Your Sales Team the Tools and Resources They Need to Succeed

Setting goals for your sales blitz is key to success, but your efforts will likely fall short if your sales team isn’t brought into the loop. Is everyone on your sales team on the same page about the goals and objectives you’re pursuing? Beyond that, do they have the tools and resources they need to help your brand achieve those purposes?

Providing a Sales Team Necessary Resources

Before you launch your campaign, create a cohesive and clear training program that your entire sales team can participate in. Offer plenty of opportunities for team members to ask questions and get all the information they need to help make the blitz a success.

6. Get Creative

There are lots of different great ideas out there that you can use as a part of your sales blitz. Depending on your target market, your products or services, and your goals, you might find that one of the following is well-suited for your next short-term sales campaign.


Webinars can be a great way to let prospects know about your products or services and how they can help solve their problems.

A Sales Webinar

To help increase engagement and attendance at your webinar, consider offering an incentive for registering early or some kind of giveaway that would be compelling and enticing to your target audience.

Flash Sale

A classic way to help you close a lot of deals quickly is to offer a time-limited promotion or discount that appeals to your target audience.

A Flash Sale

When this offer is sufficiently compelling, you’ll find that potential customers feel a sense of urgency to lock down the deal before it disappears.


Another sales blitz idea that can be persuasive to prospects is offering them the chance to win a prize or snag a swag bag when they participate.

A Product Giveaway

Whether this means registering for a conference or pre-ordering your new product before a certain date, people will be more motivated to act when they know they could get a little something extra out of the deal.

Product Launch

Do you have a new product in the works that’s almost ready for the market?

A Product Launch

If so, launching your product as a part of your sales blitz is an awesome way to build anticipation, create buzz, and generate excitement about what your brand has in store.

7. Offer a SPIFF Incentive to Your Sales Team

SPIFF incentives (alternatively known as SPIF or SPIV incentives) are an excellent way to motivate your sales team to go above and beyond. There are various iterations of the acronym, including “Sales Performance Incentive Funding Formula,” “Sales Performance Incentive Fund,” “Special Performance Incentive Fund,” “Special Pay Incentive For Fast Sales,” and “Sales Performance Incentive Vehicle.”

An Incentivized Sales Team

No matter what you call it, this type of incentive program is a short-term, incentive-based initiative that is utilized to motivate sales reps to meet specific targets. There are plenty of different rewards you can incorporate into your SPIFF incentive, such as vacations, prizes, monetary rewards, or recognition.

8. Create a Sales Kit Specifically For Your Blitz

As we discussed above, ensuring your sales team has everything they need to succeed will make your sales blitz run much more smoothly and make it much easier for your brand to meet its goals.

Creating a Sales Blitz Sales Kit

One key component of getting your team set up to knock it out of the park is a sales kit. Depending on your company, your product, and the specific campaign, the perfect sales kit for your purposes could be simple and low-tech or intricate and high-tech.

9. Make Sure Your Team Is Incentivized to Succeed

While we’ve already touched upon just how impactful SPIFF incentive programs can be during a sales blitz, it’s worth also stepping back and taking a look at whether your sales team is motivated to behave in ways that best serve your brand and its mission. Incentive programs, at the end of the day, are successful when they create an alignment between the goals of your sales team and the goals of the company as a whole.

An Incentivized Team

There are lots of different types of incentive programs out there, and the right one for your business is going to depend on a number of factors. At the end of the day, though, any well-designed employee incentive program will help boost your team’s satisfaction, engagement, morale, retention, and motivation while also reducing burnout, disengagement, and turnover.

10. Find the Best Compensation Structure For Your Team

In addition to SPIFF incentives and longer-term incentive programs, the planning stages for a sales blitz can also be a good time to scrutinize your current sales compensation structure.

Is the structure you’re using ideal for the products you’re selling, your local market, and the unique makeup of your sales team? Could your compensation structure be improved to increase motivation among your sales team to generate more leads, convert customers, and close more deals?

Compensating a Sales Team Member

Restructuring your sales compensation structure is no small undertaking; perhaps it’s a big ask when you also have a sales blitz in the works. Additionally, any change you make can be stressful to your team, even if it ultimately provides them the opportunity to make greater gains. At the same time, a sales blitz could be the ideal time to test out a potential new structure and learn first-hand whether switching things up could lead to positive behavioral change among your team.

11. Track Your Results

Whether you plan to harness the power of sales blitzes once a year or once a quarter, you always have the ability to improve your next campaign using the information you gathered during your current blitz. At the same time, without properly tracking your results, you’ll find the data you have is too chaotic to make sense of when you need it.

Tracking Sales Blitz Results

You can use various analytics tools to help measure just how successful your blitz is while also identifying areas where you could make improvements the next time. Keeping accurate and organized results can also help you watch your progress over the long haul, providing measured and quantifiable evidence of your growth as a brand over time.

12. Celebrate Success

Finally, one of the most important parts of any sales blitz is, unfortunately, one of the easiest to overlook. When your short sales campaign has come to an end, make sure you take the time to celebrate your success with your team.

A Team Celebrating Success

This doesn’t mean you won’t want to take a close look at all of the data and have conversations about what can be improved for next time, but make sure there is some dedicated space for recognizing and acknowledging the hard work of everyone involved in the blitz.

Fully Customized Incentive Programs: An Essential Tool For Success in Sales

When you’re initiating a sales blitz, there are many key players that all need to be kept in mind. These include your prospective customers, of course, but also your sales team and your marketing team. By designing a campaign that incentivizes all parties involved to behave in ways that align with your goals, you’ll find that success is easy to come by.

A Team Reviewing Incentive Program Data

If you’re interested in incentivizing your sales team, customers, and employees, you’re in the right place. At Level 6, we specialize in fully customized incentives, recognition, and rewards programs that offer an unbeatable ROI. To learn more, schedule a call with us today.

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