Solving Retail Slumps: Incentive Programs as Sales Catalysts

Solving a Retail Slump

The world of retail can be complex, with many factors at play, including the likes of online competition and the shifting preferences of customers. What was once a thriving business can quickly hit a phase of poor sales, or what we often call a “slump.” This might be a hard pill to swallow, but downturns […]

Sales Incentives: 6 Tips for Your Business

Sales incentives ideas

Running a business can be a real challenge, regardless of what industry you’re in. Whether you’re a startup, an established small business, or a Fortune 500 company, keeping things on track is never easy. Between production, R&D, human resources, marketing, design, accounting, and all of your other departments, it’s a lot to manage (even if […]

What is an MBO Bonus, and How Can It Improve Sales Performance?

Setting an MBO Bonus Goal

Sales managers always search for new and innovative ways to motivate their teams. While one of the most obvious ways to incentivize salespeople is by rewarding them for reaching specific sales targets, this isn’t always the best option. One alternative to traditional incentive plans is offering MBO bonuses. These can be particularly useful when you […]

Sales Compensation Software Guide: How Does It Work?

Using a Sales Compensation Software

Sales compensation plays an essential role in motivating your sales team, aligning sales strategies with business objectives, and driving performance. At the same time, managing and calculating commissions and incentives can be a time-consuming, complicated task that is very susceptible to human error. For this reason, many organizations turn to sales compensation software to automate […]

Volume Incentive Rebate Programs: Examples, Benefits & More

The bottom line of incentive programs can be summed up like this, “Incentives are aimed at behavior modification, plain and simple.” According to Ben Wider in his 2019 book, “Sweeten the Pot: How to Leverage Incentives and Rebates to Drive Loyalty and Increase Profits.” Earning 4.7 out of 5 stars, the book has 85% 5-star […]

10 SPIFF Program Examples to Boost Your Sales Performance 

10 SPIFF Program Examples

If the term “SPIFF program” is new to you, you’re not alone. So what is it, and does your business need one? SPIFF is an acronym that stands for: Sales Performance Incentive Fund. And if you caught that technically, this spells “SPIF,” you’re absolutely right. For some reason, an extra “f” is added to the […]

18 Sales Contest Ideas and Names to Motivate Your Team

Sales Contest Ideas

When you think about sales competition, most people immediately imagine the greatest rewards will go to those with the highest sales. While that mindset is understandable, it may be somewhat shortsighted. Rewarding top performers will motivate them, but what about the rest of the team? What about those who work hard but know they won’t […]

FAQ: What Are The Pros and Cons of Straight Commission Plans?

A Straight Commission Plan

At its core, an organization’s sales commission structure determines how much each individual sale will be worth to its salespeople. Sales leaders need to consider factors like how much budget they can allocate to commissions, how much they will pay for different levels of sales output, base salaries of employees, and any potential bonuses or […]

12 Types Of Commission Structures For Your Sales Team

Sales Team Commission Structure

If you ask a salesperson why they chose sales as a profession, many will say it’s because they love the face-to-face interactions with their customers. Some may say they simply believe in the product or service they’re selling. While that may be true for some, the reality is most salespeople love what they do because […]

Incentivized Training: How It Can Maximize Your Sales Potential 

Sales Team Incentivized Training

When you hear that the average organization spent over $2,000 a year on training each sales team member last year, you would assume they know what they’re doing. And with a total of more than $70 billion spent each year, it does seem axiomatic that “good training….increase[s] performance and sales. Academic Research in Action certainly […]