Employee Stipends: A Strategic Technique to Compensation

Employee Stipend Strategy

Employees love their jobs for more than the paycheck. Throwing in employee stipends as part of the benefits can really hit the spot for what people want. I’m talking about the usual benefits and giving something extra that speaks to each person. By doing this, companies make every employee feel special and seen because, let’s […]

Incentive Program Best Practices

We’ve gathered a collection of tips and best practices from keeping it fresh to keeping it simple, all designed to help you maximize the ROI of your incentive program.  This information is most helpful after reviewing our other articles regarding incentive and rewards programs on our website: What incentives are The concept of behavior modification […]

Employee Rewards vs. Recognition

employee rewards

As a manager, executive, or business owner, you likely have some baseline sense of how you want your department or company to run. You know what needs to happen from day to day, month to month, quarter to quarter. You know what the deliverables are, and who ought to be working on them. And, you […]