6 Questions About Stipends Every Employer Should Answer

An Employer Answering a Question

It’s super important to understand stipends and their part in compensation and benefits if you’re leading a company. Stipends are these regular fixed amounts of money you give to your team, not for the work they do by the hour, but to support them in bigger ways. Whether it’s helping with training costs, internships, or even personal […]

What Are Long-Term Incentive Plans and How Do They Work?

What Are Long-Term Incentive Plans

Are you starting out on a process to learn about long-term incentive plans? Well, you’ve landed on the right page, friend! This read is meant to break down the difficult bits of LTIPs and believe me; it can hold your attention until the end! Are you a corporate big shot just mulling over how to […]

Incentives for Agent Performance in Real Estate Rewards

Incentives for Real Estate Agent Performance

Rewards can really boost performance in the no-nonsense world of real estate. They give agents the push they need to go further and strive for extraordinary results. The real estate sector is filled with many chances but also brings loads of challenges, and just to be clear, it’s a fast-paced field with ever-changing market trends, […]

Employee Behavior: Incentives Within Your Own Organization

When it comes to increasing revenue with third-party salesperson incentives, the scope of what you’re trying to do is fairly narrow. In other words, your end goal is singular and straightforward: You want to increase sales of a particular product or range of products, and you need to incentivize a very specific type of personality […]

Merchandise and Travel Rewards

There’s no reason to simply limit your reward options to cash, though. In fact, we would argue that only offering cash incentives to your employees is a major mistake. While you might think that cash rewards would be the most desirable for recipients, the data actually shows that merchandise and travel rewards provide greater employee […]

The 12 Types of Incentive Programs and How They Work

An Incentive Program

Back in 2005, economist Steven D. Levitt and journalist Stephen J. Dubner wrote a New York Times best-seller called Freakonomics which “changed the way we see the world.” Before your eyes roll back in your head at the thought of reading a book about economics, let us whet your appetite. Levitt isn’t your typical economist […]

The Pros and Cons of Cash vs. Non-Cash Employee Incentives

Cash and Non Cash Incentives

It’s pretty clear that “given the importance of recruitment, retention, and engagement, incentive programs will be more important than ever.” That’s according to the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) in a report released earlier this year. They make a compelling case for robust incentive programs to be competitive in the current job market, with “overall incentive […]

What Are Tiered Incentives, and Why Are They Effective?

Creating a Tiered Incentive Program

It’s common for brands to utilize incentive programs for their sales rep, encouraging their sales team to put their best efforts forward throughout the year. While this is an excellent way to motivate your employees, it’s important not to overlook another key segment in this regard: your customers. One of the most effective rewards programs […]

Navigating Long-Term Incentive Plans: A Beginner’s Guide

A Team Being Rewarded

In competitive industries, long-term incentive plans can play a critical role in attracting, motivating, and keeping top talent. Rather than focusing on short-term goals, long-term incentive plans are designed to reward employees based on their organizational contributions over a long period of time. Long-term incentive plans don’t just help boost performance, foster a sense of […]

8 Tips and Strategies to Evaluate Your Distributor’s Performance


In order to ensure the success of your business and maintain a strong partnership, you’ll need to monitor and evaluate your distributor’s performance in an ongoing manner. You rely on your distributors to efficiently connect your customers to your products. This means that an underperforming distributor is essentially a weak link that can damage the […]